Protestele tip „George Floyd” s-au extins în Europa

După impunerea restricțiilor crizei de coronavirus, în SUA și în multe țări ale Europei oamenii au început protestele. Dar odată cu uciderea negrului George Floyd de către poliție, în America s-a trecut la un nou nivel al acestor proteste.

Acest nou nivel s-a extins deja și în Europa.






5 gânduri despre „Protestele tip „George Floyd” s-au extins în Europa

    • ANTIFA
      Cer sScuze ca nu traduc!

      Antifa (Anti-fascist) is both communist/anarchist extremist and violent leftist.
      Their goal in the United States is to install a communist government and to shut down all speech they do not agree with. George Orwell, in his book 1984, warned us about the thought police, and this is exactly what Antifa is trying to become.
      They have gone as far as trying to kill people with bike locks in California, but since this group is a left wing organization working against Donald Trump most major media outlets seem silent on this issue.

      The Members – BLACK > RED, YELLOW, GREEN & BIKE BLOC

      The first and most concerning sub group of Antifa are the red members.
      These Antifa members are the ones that commit various illegal acts of vandalism such as smashing the windows of a Starbucks in DC and use violence and fear as their main tool.
      These are the zealots of Antifa.
      They are willing to harm others and go to jail for their far left ideology.
      For example Jack Posobiec, DC bureau chief of The Rebel, was standing outside a college campus in DC.
      An Antifa member approached Posobiec and then attacked him. The attacker was a red member of Antifa.

      The yellow members are the next group [n.n. the second] in Antifa.
      These people are the ones that help the red members evade the police and their victims by impeding whoever is after the red member. They are known to distract police and go as far as physically put themselves in between law enforcement officers and the red members. They also help distract the red member’s victim so the red member can have the element of surprise during their assault.

      The final [n.n. the third] group are the green members.
      These people are not in on the tactics of the red members and are used as a smoke screen to conceal the red and yellow members. Almost all Antifa members start out as green members.
      They dress exactly like the red members.

      For example
      – the red member will commit an assault on a victim.
      – then the yellow member will either distract law enforcement or the people chasing the red member.
      – The red member will then flee into a group of green members where they can disappear.

      Bike Bloc is another group of Antifa.
      These member are seen on bikes around parades and rallies.
      These members main job is to intimidate observers and opposition groups.
      Most if not all of these members would be considered red members and are usually very trusted members of the local Antifa groups.

      Bike Bloc members are also there to keep their parades from being disrupted.
      One other thing they do is follow opposition members around during the Antifa rallies.
      When the Bike Bloc members feel that the opposition group is getting too close they will use their tactics to push back the opposition members away from the parade or rally.
      Antifa Methods of Harrassment
      The first thing Antifa groups must do is gather personal information on those they deem “the enemy” in their local area and release that information to the public to cause fear among their enemies.
      This also includes releasing information about the target’s family and work.
      Antifa are expected to harass their targets and try to disrupt their daily lives.
      SWATTing (using Skype to call the police and report a hostage situation or a murder at the victim’s house) and false reports to get the person fired from their jobs are just a couple of examples of the tactics that Antifa uses. They believe that people who don’t have the same ideas that they do are not entitled to a life.
      As one Antifa member put it, “revolution is messy”.

      The second of the Antifa’s tenets is to oppose and disrupt any gathering of any group deemed “the enemy” by any means necessary. This means to show up to any rally, meet, or event held by a group they don’t agree with. This includes up to using violence and intimidation to disperse the gathering.
      We have seen Antifa pepper spray, attack with clubs, throw explosives, and throw smoke bombs when trying to disrupt events in the past. In fact at the Deploraball in DC on the night of Trump’s inauguration several Antifa members were caught planning on releasing a chemical agent to disrupt the ball.
      Luckily this plan was disrupted before it could happen.

      The third obligation is to support other groups deemed “anti-fascist”.
      This includes traveling to other rallies, attending other groups events (ex. World Workers Party), or helping out Antifa members that have been arrested by posting bail.
      BAMN has in the past come to the legal aid of arrested Antifa members.

      The Antifa CULT Mentality
      To Antifa it doesn’t matter what crimes a person has committed, they are still viewed as a “comrade” as long as they committed their act in the name of Antifa.
      Antifa doesn’t have a moral compass when it comes to attacking people who lean right.
      They are cultish in a very real way.
      They are encouraged not to think for themselves.
      To Antifa is all about a collective or ignorant mindset.

      The fourth obligation that all Antifa groups have and is no way negotiable is the non-cooperation with law enforcement under any circumstances. Antifa sees law enforcement as a tool of a repressive state and is not be trusted. It doesn’t matter what the act is they are not to talk to the police. There is no exception in any case to this rule. Police and other law enforcement agencies fall into the enemy category.
      Members who are found to have helped police, or have condemned the violence of Antifa will be labeled collaborators and treated as enemies of the organization.
      Not only will they be shunned, but they will become a target of Antifa.
      This is another form of control that Antifa has over their members and brings them even closer to being a cult.

      Antifa Recruiting Efforts
      Antifa does not recruit by the open, public model.
      This is to prevent infiltration and to help keep the membership roles a secret.
      They call their recruiting a “closed collective approach”.
      New members are not allowed to take part in any meeting or planning session until they are fully vetted.
      Antifa use this technique to weed out undercover informants that they fear that the US Government is trying to place in their groups.

      Members that are teachers will also try to recruit their students.
      Students as young as sixth grade have been recruited.
      Antifa believes in indoctrination of young students.
      Antifa groups are starting to pop up across the country in schools.
      The recruitment is usually done through BAMN.

      Antifa teachers will not only recruit students, but also offer extra credit to attend surrounding protest and marches. This is happening across the country even in Texas. This is not only happening in high schools and middle schools, but also on a lot of college campuses across the country.

      Antifa Anonymity
      Antifa prefers to remain anonymous.
      They have a big fear of their enemies finding out who they are.
      This is a weakness that can be exploited.
      They are extremely afraid of retaliation.
      In my dealings with Antifa members once you unmask them they have a tendency to fade away.
      Once an Antifa member went as far as to send me an apology after I sent him pictures of his house and car.

      Antifa prefers Reddit for their online forums where they can remain anonymous.
      This is why there is a lack of real Antifa groups on Facebook. There are some but not many.
      They go as far as recommend that real names not be used. They think that by doing this they can fade away into the background after a disruption to avoid retaliation or arrest.

      There is one exception to this rule. One person should be designated to be the semi public face of the Antifa cell, but that person should never admit they are a direct member of Antifa and only hint at being a member.

      Antifa on Social Media
      Antifa encourages its members not to use social media platforms.
      If a member feels that they must use social media Antifa pushes their members to use Twitter as a Facebook alternative. If a member does have a Facebook account they are encouraged not to post anything political at all on their Facebook walls.

      Some members will have two Facebook profiles.
      One will be a non-political page and the other will be their “Antifa” profile.
      One profile I looked into was that of a loving father with a ordinary life.
      His profile was full of pictures of him and his kid.
      It looked like any other profile. There was nothing pointing to being a violent leftist.
      He also had a second profile. This profile was not as family friendly.
      In the profile picture on this one he was wearing a mask.
      His wall was filled with hard core communist writings and Anti-American writings.
      He was calling for the overthrow of the US government and the installation of a communist world government. He was hiding his communist views on his profile under his real name, and thought by using anonymity on the second profile no one would be able to track him down.

      I was able to track down his profile because he linked
      – his phone number to his Antifa account
      – and his email to his family friendly profile.
      In most cases Antifa members will not make the same mistake.
      Their profiles will not be as easy to find on Facebook.

      Most Antifa pages on Facebook are fake, and these pages are set up mostly by trolls.
      Antifa members mostly use Reddit.
      Antifa believes this give them better anonymity over the use of Facebook.
      On Reddit there are multiple Antifa subreddits.
      This is where Antifa disseminates most of their information online.


  1. Domnu’ Daniel,
    Rog sa corectati dezinformarea: „uciderea negrului George Floyd de către poliție”
    A fost un incident in care cel retinut de politisti a suferit un atac de cord (fiind bolnav de inima si hipertensiv) in urma consumuluide droguri – supradoza cu FENTANYL.
    Afirmatia din articol incita la violenta pe cei cu mintea slaba si pe cei indoctrinati de marxismul cultural.


    • Daca omul le spunea ca nu poate sa respire, iar indivizii aia au mai stat calare pe el cateva minute asta ce e? Nu ucidere?
      Nu trebuie sa prevezi ca daca ii obturezi caile respiratorii in orice mod si el tipa ca nu poate respira zicand „o sa mor„, poate interveni moartea pe care tu i-o provoci?
      Daca ar fi fost lasa liber, sa traga aer in voie, nu ar fi fost nici o problema.
      Deci l-au omorat. Asa cum s-a intamplat si la noi si de atatea ori in America.
      Daca altii se infiltreaza pt a deturna protestele si a-si atinge niste scopuri, e alta problema.


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